Sleepless night

I’m having a hard time sleeping these days, tonight was one of the bad ones I havent slept at all. I have yoga in half an hr which is supposed to help with this but it doesn’t seem to be working… Im not much of a writer but I wrote this just now i just felt i need to say something…

Will you love me demons and all?

When they bear their fangs and nash their teeth, will you run to hold me?

When nightmares cover me in sweat and my body shakes with tremors will you kiss them away?

Will you hold my hand in silence when tears run down my face?

Will you help me try to piece myself together when others walk away?

Will I find you?

Will I find you?

Will I find you? On desolate plains? On the blackest night?

Will I find you in the hollow of this world ? In this empty life.

Will I find you?




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